Gendarme Tasks. Weekly Status Report #5

June 30, 2007

This is the status report for June 24 - June 30.

Accomplished this week.

This week I have written a little patch for allow try / catch blocks in the Cecil.FlowAnalysis assembly. I have sent the patch to the mono-devel list, because I would like know if I'm doing the testcases correctly and separating the blocks well.

Plans for the next week.

I have seen other way for implement this funcionality, because I have read about the Exception Handling in the Ecma document for CLI, and I can get a better implementation. I would like finish this task on Tuesday, because I'm spending more time in this task and I am a bit delayed. I will put all effort in finish it.

Challenges or Problems.

This week I haven't a lot of problems, only one; because I don't know where send the patch. But Sebastien answered my question quite well.

Interesting resources.

Yes, the Ecma-335 document helped me a lot.