Gendarme Tasks. Weekly Status Report #6

July 9, 2007

This is the status report for July-1 to July-8.

Accomplished this week.

This week I have finished the first scenario for detect smells in the code. I have finished the rule for detect code duplicated in same class. Finally I have decided don't use Cecil.FlowAnalysis assembly, because with the new approach I need know only a few details about flowanalysis and I can get directly with Cecil. I'm really impressed with Cecil. Although the rule is finished, I will improve more the code for detect code duplicated, because is the core for other two rules: Detect code duplicated in two sibling subclasses, and detect code duplicated in two unrelated subclasses.

I also have proposed a new rule for detect a new smell. The rule should detect long methods, the biggest challenge for this rule will be to choose correctly the size for determine when a method is long. A few hours ago, Chris Gameweld sent to the group a mail with a cool suggestion.

Plans for the next week.

Well, the next week I will finish this rule, and I will propose other rules. I have a lot of smells for detect.

Challenges or problems.

Yes, the biggest challenge is determine the maximum method size. By the moment I have thought of an screen as the reference measure, if the method is bigger then the rule will warn you.

Interesting resources.

Yes, I have a lot of interesting resources.

For someone that is interested in smells, you can check this link

Also, you can read some books about, by example:

Finally thank, all people that have written advices, or comments for the rules.