Gendarme Tasks. Weekly Status Report #9

July 27, 2007

This is the status report for July 20 - July 27.

Accomplished this week.

This week I have been hunting a bug in the measurement tool. I have written some tests and I have detected and fixed it.

I also take some measures for choose the long parameter list, and I have decided to use 10 as MaxParameters in the rule. Personally, I prefer shorter parameter lists, but for the rule I believe that is a good measure.

I have sent the rules for the review process.

Plans for the next week.

For the next week, I will propose new rules. I like the Alan proposal for detect unused parameters. And I would like implement it.

As this rule is simple, I will propose a new rule for a new smell.

Challenges or problems.

None, this week I have worked in the tool; and I have detected the bugs and corrected it.

Interesting resources.

Well, I will post a link for the FxCorp tool. There are a lot of useful rules.

Finally, thank to all people that has commented the rules and suggest me some features and new rules.