Gendarme Tasks. Pencils Down Status Report.

August 21, 2007

Sadly, the Summer of Code 2007 has (quasi) finished. This is the time for fill the surveys and check the code.

Personally I have enjoyed a lot contributing with this project and I would like continue contributing with this project, there are some work to do and a lot of rules for implement and I would like continue working in this area.

A briefly summary of my contributions:

Then, I have learnt a lot of stuff: I have learnt about FOSS projects, how these projects works, I have learnt about Cecil and Gendarme, I have learnt C# and CIL, it's amazing.

I want thank all people that helped me, specially Sebastien, my mentor, for his patience everyday, his coding lessons, his help, his comments ... I also want thank all people that has helped me, Alan, Chris, JB Evain, and my colleagues working on more Gendarme stuff, Nidhi and Lukasz. And I'm sure that I will forget some names, please apologize me. Thanks to all.

And finally, thanks to the mono project for accept my application and to Google for the Summer of Code.