Some Gendarme Progress

October 2, 2007

Well, since the Pencils Down Report for the Summer of Code I haven't written anything about Gendarme. I have continued contributing, as I wished, and there's time for write a bit about the progress.

The rules for my GSoC has been merged, and there are more improvements:

Step by step, the first feature allows developers to compile their runners with the -pkg:gendarme-framework modifiers to [g]mcs.

The second one, allows users to create their custom rulesets and adapt the existing ones to their needs. By example: Imagine a company that uses Gendarme to check their code. Then they can choose the rules that they apply.

If, by example, you like check the CodeDuplicatedInSameClass smell and AvoidLongMethods smell, but you doesn't like apply the AvoidSpeculativeGenerality you could do it simply:

<ruleset name="custom">
    <include="CodeDuplicatedInSameClassRule | AvoidLongMethodsRule" from="Gendarme.Rules.Smells.dll"/>

And the third one, is the Mono BCL profile. This profile is intended to use with applications or libraries where the public API isn't under our control, by example Mono.