Random thoughts about the Gendarme Rule Day

April 27, 2008

Well, I'm proud to say that the first edition of the Gendarme Rule Day has been a great experience and it ended successfully.

Also give a big thank to all people that was yesterday in the IRC with us (you rocks dudes!). Thanks for your time, thanks for your ideas, thanks for your presence, thanks for the thanks, thanks for the laughings ... thanks for all.


In this edition, if my review doesn't fail, we have 10 more rules and 3 nice enhacements to existing rules. And a lot of new ideas for great features. And also we have new friends and 2 new rule makers: Cedric Vivier and Andrés.

Next steps:

Well, by myself, I should start finishing several tasks I had started in the past:

And for finishing, I'm proud of being part of the Gendarme Team, thanks mates for the reminders, thanks for your help planning, giving nice tips, staying there and writting new rules. All I can to say is that we can't stop rocking ;)