GSoC ended!

August 26, 2008

Well, a week has passed since the Summer of Code 2008 finished and I haven't wrote anything yet mainly because I took some holidays :) Now, with my fully charged batteries I can write a little summary and show some stuff I've done.

I will start by the beginning :P

There are new rules:

There are 7 new rules in the SVN and the other is in the mono-soc-2008 svn, because I want review it in order to avoid false positives and commit code that works :) Almost of them, are rules which deals with the implementation and I think they are more useful to the other mono developers.

In the second place, I should say something about the reporter.

The reporter is a tool which takes the gendarme reports, in xml format. The report is passed to a pipeline (you can write your own!) and the pipeline applies some actions (you can write your owns too!) to the input and the input is transformed to other documents. Let me show you an example:

You runs gendarme against the corlib, then a report file is generated. You take the reporter and can generate a master index report or you can filter the defects per severity or ...

And in the third place, I automated the report generation and publication with a little bash script (which needs a bit more of love). The script runs gendarme, and pass the output to the report and I publish the results (more or less) frequently, and you can see a little example in: The classlib and the tools. It's a great chance for the newcomers for getting involved in the mono development :)

And this week is the Novell's Hack Week, and I hope get some time in order to talk and code with Sebastien, and I'm sure we will have more cool news :)

Hope you like all the news!