debug_mode=ON, social network for developers

September 30, 2008

Several days ago, we and some old colleagues created the debug_mode=ON project. Please, let me post the announcement:

I’m happy to announce the creation of a social network in Spanish for developers, the web is For the moment you can write articles, rate them, comment an article and create groups, each group has a forum and the articles can be associated with the groups.

The user is the most important in our portal, for this reason a user can earn money publishing articles, you only need your Google Adsense id.

We have created debug_mode=ON based on the idea of the ton of different technologies that a developer can learn today. So, a user can creates articles about Mono or Cobol, about Agile methodologies, SEO, design patterns, or how to do anything. The groups were created with the idea of debate around a concrete subject or a general one (depending the group) all around the them of computers.

To do the site we used Python, it’s running on the service Google App Engine. We licensed our code under Affero GPL, so our code is Open Source.

debug_mode=ON is a beta version, we’ve opened a thread to get your feedback, ¡all the opinions are welcome!.

You can read the offical announce here.