Wind of change

January 8, 2009

I'm not used to write about me in my blog, but this time is different.

My life is gonna to change now. Several months ago, I decided to decrease my study time, and start working, perhaps change the place where I used to live in. Now it's the time.

After looking for a job quietly, I've found a job in a company (or two) which looks really nice, and today I've received the last instructions. I will start the 19th of January. I never am scared about the changes, nor this time that accept the job implies move my living place to Madrid.

I feel I'm going to start a new chapter in my own book, a new life, new challenges, new colleagues, new place, new job... But I'm proud of myself, because I was a bit disgusted with my studies (be careful, I'll continue studying in the university, although it's a bit boring :P) and I decided change that; and I can say (in this moment) I have achieved it, and I'm excited and really happy.

However, I start a new chapter; it will contain a lot of references to the previous one. I will continue my university studies (my second degree), I will continue contributing with Mono, I will come back to visit my famliy and I continue keeping the relationships with my dear friends and colleagues.

Perhaps a bit philosophical phrase could be:

The past escaped you can't do anything for that, it reflects your present. But won't exist the future if you are walking backwards.

Just listen to the wind ...