Several updates.

September 2, 2009

Well, the 8th of January looks so far. That was the last time I wrote!

In fact, I hadn't a lot of spare time, and I'm getting involved in some uba-spiff stuff. In the work, I'm improving my C/C++ skills, and I spend some time writting some Ruby and Python (and looking a bit to IronPython too) code too :) I'm also getting involved with Agile Spain Community where I've found some cool colleagues.

Sadly, I haven't enough spare time to spend with my contributions to Mono Project, but I'd like to show some stuff. I started a repo in Gitorious with some MonoDevelop templates for developing rules for Gendarme (it's in a really alpha state !!).

I hope find more spare time in order to continue contributing, and writting several new posts :P And I'm thinking about creating a twitter account